Relocation Of Lab Equipment

Spectrofuge has become the mover of choice for labs throughout the region. The reason is simple–Each move is conducted by our own highly trained technicians.

Spectrofuge has the experience and resources to safely move a complete range of sensitive lab equipment (HPLC components, scintillation counters, incubators, GC/MS, robotics systems, etc.) in order to avoid equipment down-time.

Spectrofuge will reinstall your equipment and verify proper instrument performance once the move is complete to assure that each instrument is functioning at  manufacturers’ specifications.

Spectrofuge helped moved sensitive equipment for the Department of
Pharmacology to the new Genetic Medicine building at UNC. This included
FPLC’s, HPLC’s, multi-functional plate readers, fluorimeters,
spectrophotometers, a BioMek robot and other equipment. Spectrofuge also
helped move and balance ultracentrifuges and other large equipment
items. The department had 9 air tables, two of which weighed more than
1,000 lbs, which were moved by Spectrofuge. The employees moving this
equipment were professional, skilled and extremely competent in handling
this equipment.

Gary L. Johnson, PhD
Professor and Chair
Department of Pharmacology
UNC School of Medicine