Spectrofuge Corporation of NC, Inc. was founded by Larry Autry in October of 1975. Mr. Autry was originally a research  assistant with the USDA and went to work for an original equipment manufacturer for several years. Mr. Autry saw a need for a competent, more cost-friendly solution to service of biomedical equipment in the RTP area.Mr. Autry set out to assist researchers in maintaining their equipment to the highest operating standards in order that their research could continue on schedule, while keeping the maintenance costs affordable for the users. Mr. Autry and his wife, Avis, established a reputable, family-oriented small business that has grown steadily over the last 33 years. Mr. Autry’s vision for Spectrofuge in 1975 became instrumental in the success of the independent service concept and its acceptance by the research community.

The Autrys retired in November of 2003. Ownership was passed on to the General Manager, Roy E. Marshburn . Mr. Marshburn originally came to the company in 1984, bringing a broad background in instrumentation service and management. He served as a service technician for several years before becoming GM in 1991.

Chemist in lab coat using a centrifuge in laboratory

On September 30, 2008, Spectrofuge began a new era of management. Mr. Marshburn retired and sold his controlling interests in the company to a group of employees. The management team consists of: Tim Hernandez, President; Colby Elmore, Vice President; and Teri Webster, Secretary/Treasurer. The goal of the management team is to carry-on the original vision for Spectrofuge, while engaging all of its employees in the growth and future of the company. With a combined total of over 200 years of service among all the Spectrofuge employees, we aspire to meet the challenging situations of the research community while maintaining our commitment to the customer.

Spectrofuge employees have extensive backgrounds in all areas of laboratory service with many employees cross-trained in different equipment lines. Preventive maintenance as well as repairs, calibrations, equipment moves, and other services are performed in a professional and timely manner, with each employee able to provide resources to the other employees to guarantee customer satisfaction. Spectrofuge has been fortunate over the last four decades to be able to provide a “one call” option to its customers for the service of all their lab equipment.

Many thanks to Spectrofuge for years of prompt and friendly service.

Dr. Deborah Steege, Duke University